Cattery, Geelong and district

You’ve arranged the time off work and booked your holiday accommodation, now who do you trust to look after your precious cat? And let’s be honest, not just anyone or any place will do. While you relax and recharge, you want your cat to receive the very best of care and that is exactly what your pet will get at the best cattery in Geelong district, the Cat Cave at Ocean Grove.

The Cat Cave cat boarding facility is situated in a newly built warehouse and has huge walk-in enclosures. Our feline cattery boasts a wide variety of cat boarding accommodation options, including short and long-term cat boarding, family suites for owners of more than one cat, and quiet and private spaces for shy types, all at great cattery rates. And best of all, we are solely a cattery, which means no pesky canines to upset your kitty’s holiday.

At The Cat Cave boarding cattery, we, like you, love cats, so caring for your pet isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure. Both Sue and Belinda have extensive experience in cat boarding catteries and believe in handling all cats with love and patience. Their wealth of experience extends from dealing with feral kittens to temperamental moggies, so they know how to handle all temperaments with love. They also have extensive knowledge of feline diseases and disease management, which makes them the perfect carers if your puss is ill or ageing. The team are so passionate about cats that Sue and Belinda love to share their expertise and the latest news about cats and catteries.

The Cat Cave’s aim is to provide you with a safe and relaxed space for your cat. Simple as that!

Ask about our cat boarding requirements or call in during business hours to inspect our fantastic facilities for yourself. If you can’t visit, take a look at our cat hotel gallery. Still have concerns? Read our cat boarding FAQ and, of course, contact us to find out more about The Cat Cave, cat boarding for Geelong at Ocean Grove.