Requirements for cat boarding at Geelong district’s top cattery

March 26, 2015

The Cat Cave at Ocean Grove offers a wide range of accommodation options and services, catering for everything from a half-day stay to long-term cat boarding in Geelong district. We provide daily playtime and happy hour to make your cat’s stay even more fun and relaxing and go out of our way to make timid felines comfortable.

At The Cat Cave, we have one aim – to provide a safe and secure environment for cats while their owners are on holidays, renovating or away from home for work. We want you to relax, knowing your precious cat is receiving the very best of care and attention.

Because you and your pet are our number one priority, for the health and safety of all of our guests, our Geelong cattery has a few requirements we need to tick off before we can take care of your puss.

All cats staying with us must be fully immunised and we ask that you bring your pet’s vaccination certificate with you as proof.  If your puss is under a year old, be sure its vaccinations include the initial injection followed by the two boosters. Your vet will have noted these on your certificate.

Being the cat lover you clearly are, these requirements will be no big deal, in fact, you’ll find they’re simply the things you do as a responsible cat owner. And as a cat lover, you’ll understand these requests are designed to keep all our feline cattery guests healthy.

If you are at all concerned about this requirement, please contact Geelong’s feline cattery The Cat Cave. We’re happy to talk to you about this legal requirement and answer any questions you may have.